Posting videos on YouTube? (2) – 5 suggestions on getting more viewers and subscribers in YouTube

On part 1, we had discussed about posting videos on YouTube is actually a great idea to make extra money. In part 2, we will talk about how to increase the number of video views and attract more potential subscribers. Here are 5 suggestions on getting more views and subscribers for your YouTube channel

Good Video Quality – Good video quality doesn’t mean that you have to purchase expensive filming equipment; it means you choose a great and meaningful topic to discuss on your YouTube video. Audiences would follow your channel when they feel it is meaningful or learn something by watching your videos.

Don’t make your videos too long – Audience will lose focus when the video clip is too long. In order to maintain the excitement for audience , the suggestion length of each YouTube video is around 3-7 minutes (Bushcraft, 2013).

Use Annotations – Annotations are the pop-up text that people added in their video. Displaying a call to action annotations at the end of video could help the audience click into your other related videos which directly influence the video views (Angeloff, 2012).

Calls To Action – With a strong call to action at the end of the video, like asking audience to subscribe your channel by using a big arrow, it would draw audience’s attention and click the “Subscribe” button at the end.(Angeloff, 2012).

Upload Regular Videos and Try to reply viewers’ comments –  Replying viewers’ comments could increase the interaction between you and viewers. On the other hand, uploading video regularly could maintain the audience interest on your YouTube channel.

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