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On April 15, 2013, there were two bombs explosion in the Boston Marathon. This disaster killed 3 people and injured 183 people. After the explosions, the police cut off all cell phones signal in case there would be a third bomb in the location. Because of that, people cannot reach their loved ones by using cell phones, in that situation, people go up to Google Person Finder and request for latest information about their love ones. After the explosion, the site immediately began tracking over 5000 lost individuals (Corrigan, 2013). And thankfully, Google Person Finder does works and helps people reconnect with missing and injury loved ones. One of the successful stories about the Google Person Finder was mentioned in one of my blog “How Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Google react and help on the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation”.

What is Google Person Finder and How does it work?

“Google Person Finder helps people reconnect with friends and loved ones in the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disasters” – the official explanation of Google Person Finder by (Google Person Finder)

When there is a crisis strikes and people get separated, people have to let the world know they are looking for their loved ones. Then individuals and organizations will provide the basic information about the missing person; after that, Google team will base on this important information to search around the internet and electronic devices, which including email notification, online photo album, social media account, automatic translation and phonetic name matching system. On the other hand, Google Person Finder is also available in over 40 languages (Google Person Finder Helps In Boston Marathon Explosions, 2013).

Google Person Finder is a free tool that allows everyone to either enter the name of the person they are looking for or their own personal information for those who are searching (Google Person Finder Helps In Boston Marathon Explosions, 2013).

On the site below, Jason Corrigan did a great job on breaking down how to use Google Person Finder.

At the end, in a case of disaster, people could try Google Person Finder instead of sitting, calling and waiting for call backs.

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