Do Facebook Ads Work?

Many people curious about are Facebook Ads work or it is just another online advertising failure. Here are the explanations on how and why Facebook Ads work.

How Facebook Ads work?

1) Build Facebook Page

Companies have to create their Facebook page; it would be much easier for customers to go on their Facebook page rather than the company official web site.(Advertise on Facebook)

2) Connect with people

In order to target the right audiences, companies should create several ads and target based on location, demographics and interests. (Advertise on Facebook)

3) Engage Audience

Once customers liked the page, companies have to post quality updates to inform customers and maintain its customers’ brand loyalty.(Advertise on Facebook)

5 reasons that why Facebook Ads Work

1)      Huge Amount of Facebook Users – Facebook users reach 1.06 billion last month and 618 million of them are daily active users (Smith, 2013). It would be great for a company to advertise on a huge social media platform with 1.06 billion users. It is no doubt that the Facebook ads would effectively increase the company awareness.

2)      Better Target Audiences – Facebook Ads are targeted according to Facebook users profile information, which included users’ age, living location, education level, relationship status, sport interests, music interests (Facebook Ads Guide). Based on these important personal information, companies Ads would be efficient on reaching the right audience for their ads.

3)      New Timeline Advertising Design – instead of putting all advertisements on the right side, with the new Timeline design, some of the advertising post will actually appear on users News Feed. This new design force users to walk through the advertising post before they can check on their friends Facebook status updates.

4)      Better Visual Effect – unlike other online advertising, Facebook ads are more visual focus. With the use of picture and text design, it should more efficient on catching audiences’ attention (Fuller, 2013).

5)      Like Button– other function that makes Facebook Ads unique is the like button. Facebook Ads allow users to like the ads. It reflects the popular level of the company ads and its product.

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