Is it necessary to have a The Facebook Phone?

Facebook wants to create its own version of smartphone. Yes, that’s right and this rumor has just been confirmed. After the new Facebook Graph Search Engine, which was announced a few months ago, Facebook has already come up with another business strategy to expand its business by making its own smartphone. According to NY Times, Facebook has been revamping its organization to be “mobile first” for the past few years (BILTON, 2013). The amount of Facebook users worldwide has reached 1.06 billion earlier this month (Smith, 2013). This is a historic achievement and milestone and because of this, it is definitely the right time for Facebook to create something exciting that could maintain its freshness and interest among young people. However a Facebook smartphone does not seem like the best idea.

The ideal image of Facebook phone

How Facebook Phone work?

The basic function of the Facebook phone is, once turned on, the Facebook user’s homepage will be displayed (BILTON, 2013). Facebook’s camera and messaging apps will be the default apps as well as the core functions of the phone. Also, this Facebook focus phone will obviously benefit customers by faster upload speed and better communicating system. Moreover, The Facebook phone will be using the Android operating system.

Will it be successful?

I understand that there are people who are addicted to Facebook, and they use Facebook as a platform to share all the pictures, videos and statuses. However, I do believe that the current Facebook apps on the smartphone are already convenient enough for users; it is user-friendly and fast. In my opinion, for most people, they use their phone as a major communication tool to send out business emails, and therefore this phone would probably not suitable for this market. Instead it will be aimed at teenagers who can use it as platform to play online Facebook games. Still, this phone does not have a major selling point that current smartphones cannot provide. Almost all smartphones can do what this Facebook phone can do. The only thing that would make this an international hit is if it is very cheap and affordable.

Future of Facebook

Facebook can be seen as following the footsteps of Google. A few years back, many people were skeptical about Google’s decision to go far and beyond its claim to fame, its search engine. However, nowadays, most people do not treat Google just as the world’s most famous search engine. If Facebook can succeed with this business venture, they might be able to become more than just a social networking site and become a giant tech company and rival Google.

Thanks for reading.

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